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Zhan Kasteyev

General producer of The Spirit of Eurasia Festival (Kazakhstan)

Famous project The Spirit of Eurasia, which every year attracts the international media and music groups, is a great achievement of courage and creative approach by Kazakhstan’s producer Zhan Kasteyev. The first pilot project, the youth creative association “Zhan and friends” can be attributed to the early formation of his creative potential. That direction of the early 90s brought in over 25 Almaty music groups of different levels, and gave a bright start for an aspiring producer Jean Kasteev. After graduating from University of The Humanities And Social Sciences with the Degree in Art Management an Music Producing his art potential got a specific qualification. Followed by the opening of night clubs such as “Pilot”, “My Town”, “Elite” in 1997, Zhan Kasteyev officially became the producer of URKER music band, where he began to show the first inclinations of his experiments with ethnic music. 15 years later, that search led to the launch of a bold and ambitious project, which is now known not only in Kazakhstan but also far beyond its borders. The Spirit of Tengri contemporary ethnic music festival has been gathering with its brand unique music groups from all over the globe.

Topic of the presentation: The History of The Spirit of Tengri as international scale brand