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Sardor Gaziev

Art Manager at OXUS Culture, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

At the moment Sardor Gaziev’s track record includes such positions as manage in the culture sphere, coach, art coach and creative consultant. 

Sardor Gaziyev has a degree in the field of directing mass events. Upon completing his studies, he participated in various international training programs such as managerial culture courses in Goethe Institute, Creativ Spark by the British Council and business ans sales courses in the Uzbek-Japanese centre. Occupying the position of External Relationship Manager of the Uzbek State youth theatre and a member of ASSITEJ correspondent in Uzbekistan, they organized various events of national and international scale, and engaged the theatre art team in various events abroad. During his work as Deputy Director at “OXUS Culture”, together with Husniddin Ato Sardor Gaziev has created numerous cultural projects. In cooperation with international organizations and local authorities he has carried out educational activities in “Culture Management “. He was one of the organizers of the “First Art Manager Forum of Central Asia” in Bishkek, participated “Open Culture” Forum in Korea, has organized multiple creative tours abroad for Uzbek artists.

Topic of presentation: From identity to unification of Central Asia