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A unique group performing on the electric dombra and combining Kazakh national archaic and modern music trends. The electric instruments based on the Kazakh dombra were created by the founder of the group and its producer Nurzhan Toishy. Mainly, Aldaspan is a quartet (rhythm, solo, bass, drums), but the group also invites session musicians.

The group was founded in 2011, today they have recorded 9 videos and 7 albums in various genres (from trash metal to acoustics) in Russian, English and Kazakh languages. 

Aldaspan is a multi-genre group who experiment with different styles and directions. The repertoire of the group are original and traditional Kazakh compositions. The content of the band’s texts is military, praising man’s valour. The songs of the band include ancient Turkic fighting epics full of courage and glorifying feats of heroes. The group is known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan and enjoys a growing popularity in the world. In 2012, they were top 2 in the daily independent chart of Roadrunner records. Aldaspan is in the top five most downloaded music in Kazakhstan.

Group members: Maksat Khassanov electric solo dombyra, Eisarbek Akiayshev – Elektro-rhythm dombyra, Shamshiddin Omarov – electric bass dombyra, the group founder – Nurzhan Toishy – drums.