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Khoomei beat showcase (The Republic Of Tyva)

KHOOMEI BEAT is a prominent representative of Tyvan new music generation. Powered by the roots of Tyvan folk, the musicians subtly mix the expression of rock with the airiness of jazz and pop. With the help of this mind-blowing mix, the musicians get across the history of their people, traditions and customs of their ancestors, which have been carefully kept and preserved until today. The group draws inspiration from old archive recordings and contemporary music. The range of the musical instruments played include the igil, byzaanchy, drums, bass guitar, keyboards and cello. While Tyvan folk music and throat singing remain the starting point, they do not confine the musicians. In 2017 at the international festival “Khoomei in Central Asia” (Tyva), KHOOMEI BEAT won an award in the nomination “The modern interpretation of Khoomei.” 

Group members: Honored artists of the Republic of Tyva – Kan-Khuler Saaya and Aykhaan Oorzhak, Bailak Mongush, Aydin Sadie, Shoraan Ochur, Adygan  Iyizhy.