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Alexander Arkhincheyev, Buryatia — Throat singing, morin huur

Alexander Arkhincheyev is a musician from the shores of lake Baikal, the master of throat singing and playing the moriin-huur. The leader of  ethno-rock band Shono. Alexander plays the Jew’s harp, guitar, Moriin-huur, moriin-huur, sukha-huur, limbe and other ethnic wind instruments. In 2009, Alexander graduated from the Tchaikovski Music College in Ulan-Ude specialised in moriin-huur under supervision of Tsybikov. He teaches at the Osa School of Art.

Alexander has mastered a number of different styles of throat singing. He performs Buryat legends and epics-eligers, as well as  his original songs. Multi-instrumentalist Alexander Arkhincheyev is a virtuoso musician talented in both traditional and modern music.