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Radik Tyulyush & Mapa showcase (Russia, the Republic of Tuva)

The project “Radik & Mapa” is a partnership of two well-known musicians working in different genres of world music. Radik Tulush is one of the most popular Tuvan singers, who masters a variety of famous Tuvan throat-singing techniques, a member of group “Huun-Huur-Tu” and “Yat-Kha”, he has repeatedly won the most prestigious nominations in the World Music category. The tracks of these groups have been used in the Hollywood film industry and in various productions of different countries. Radik has his own project called “Chalama” which successfully performs at various venues in Russia and abroad.

Mapa (Alexey Ivanov) is one of the participants, composers and arrangers of popular ethno-pop project “Ivan Kupala”. Ivan Kupala won such prestigious awards as “Ovation”, “Golden Gramophone”, the group works are played at various public events such as the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. In addition, Mapa is a co-owner and composer of Uplifting Music Studio production center.

The first experiments on cooperation of two musicians began in 2012 when they recorded tracks “Oskus Urug” and “Sonnel”. They received a positive feedback from the audience, and the fragment of “Oskus Urug” was later used in a popular American TV series “Fargo”. Despite a heavy touring and work schedule of both musicians they have created a program consisting of Tuvan songs in the electronic sounding. Their music can be defined as chillout, Psy-Dub, Psy-Chill, but it always goes with elements of Tuvan traditional music and folk instruments. Live version on stage features Chingis Sordgu – a promising young Tuvan guitarist and keyboardist.