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SHONO showcase (Buryatia)

The group was formed in 2014, after a tour of concerts in France. The name of the group means “wolf” in Buryat. Shono is one of the greatest totems of the Buryat clans. The spirit of the ancient nomadic rituals permeates the musical material of the group and creates a bright and memorable atmosphere. 

Drive and mature rock-and-roll rhythms put the group in par with the best contemporary groups in the Siberian and Mongolian ethno-rock. The combination of rock riffs, Buryat melodies and unusual rhythms creates truly unique musical emotions. In January 2016 the group released album “Hunters”. The founder of the group – Alexander Arkhincheyev uses vocal techniques, both  conventional and throat singing, while playing various ethnic instruments. Folk songs and their own original works, performed by Alexander Arkhincheyev are accompanied by modern music instruments.

Group members: Alexander Arkhincheyev – moriin-huur, sukha-huur, limbe, throat singing, vocal; Eugenia Tomitova – yataga; Vladimir Sidorov – bass guitar, back vocals, mouth harp; Konstantin Tokarski – drums, percussion.