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Tatiana Lambolez

Director of Altan Art agency (France).

Since young age, Tatiana Lambolez has been a professional dancer. During her study at university she successfully worked in the ensemble of singing and dancing “Baikal”, participated in numerous international festivals in Spain, Germany, Mongolia, Italy, France, Holland, etc. In the same period, she won an international art competition in India. In 1996, she came to France to continue her studies. After graduating from the Sorbonne University, she stayed in France, and in 2002 founded the Buryat Culture and Art Association GRALTON (abbreviation of the founders’ names) with the purpose of introducing the public in France and Europe with the beauty and diversity of culture and art of the peoples of Siberia. In the headquarters of UNESCO and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France, Tatiana was involved in organizing events featuring artists and groups of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries of Eurasia.

Since 2010, Tatyana Lambolez is the Director of Altan-Art production agency along with active lecturing at the Marseille University.

Topic of the presentation: Prospects for international cultural cooperation in Eurasia.