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Turan showcase (Kazakhstan)

Unique folklore-ethnographic group “TURAN” is a grant winner from The Fund of the First President – the Leader of the Nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate (1st prize) of Orteke International competition, prize winners at Sharq taronalari International competition (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), the Medal holders “For historical memory preservation” (Russia)

For 10 years of their art, the group has given over 600 concerts. The have toured 70 countries around the world including the best halls of fame – “Carnegie hall” (New York, USA), “Kennedy center” (Washington, USA), “Konzerthaus” (Berlin, Germany), “Kremlin Palace” (Moscow, Russia), “Palais des Festivals et des Congrès” (Cannes, France), “Salle Cortot” (Paris, France), etc.

The age-old music traditions of nomadic culture, throat singing, shaman ritual music, a variety of brass, strings, percussion, ethnic instruments define the art of “TURAN”. The form of their music is close to the patterns of Kazakh traditional music. Their sound is extraordinary and fascinating due to the variety of musical instruments played: sybyzgy, shan-kobyz, saz-syrnay, sherter, zhetygen, shinkildek, dombra, kyl-kobyz, dombra, jew’s-sharp and others.

Group members: Maksat Mederbek, Bauyrzhan Bekmuhanbetov, Korlan Kartenbaeva, Serik Normaldayev, Abzal Arykbaev, each of whom plays multiple instruments.